Justin is a 27 Year old, multi-media visual artists residing in Seattle, Washington. Currently paving his own lane as a freelance Director/Editor, Justin strives to create thoughtful content that fully reflects the culture & community he grew up in. After returning from the University of Oregon with a degree in Digital Arts in 2017 Justin now uses his years of camera experience in film, and photography to create his own unique style in an industry that is continually evolving. 

Justin draws inspiration from everywhere, especially 90’s street art, hip hop, and social activism of today. In order to bring his visions to reality Justin strives to continue growing, learning, and gaining new experiences. Recently, Justin Directed the short film “Visualizing Lies” which won the April Art With Impact Short Film Competition in April 2019. Other recent work includes collaborations with CUT Studios, Public Interest TV,  Dystnct Media,  ESPN & PAC-12. His original work has been exhibited by The Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Arts, as well as Euegene’s Hult Center for Performing Arts.